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      2. Announcement:
        LONGRUI        Hengyang Long Rui Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, is a production, processing and sales of non-ferrous metal products and zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, sodium sulfite chemical products are the main export enterprises. Company is located in the southern part of Hengyang Province, Hunan city high tech Development Zone, the transportation is very convenient, product delivery is very timely. Company's products are widely used in pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical fiber, feed, rubber, mineral processing and fertilizer and other industries.          Hunan has rich non-ferrous metal resources and advanced chemical production technology, using advanced nonferrous metal separation technique can be all kinds of non-ferrous metal recycling. Each year, the company can provide customers with zinc sulfate monohydrate 8000 tons of above, more than 6000 tons of zinc sulfate heptahydrate, manganese sulfate monohydrate is more than 3000 tons, copper sulfate pentahydrate more than 2000 tons, copper sulfate, water more than 1000 tons, zinc oxide more than 2000 tons, more than 1000 tons of basic zinc carbonate, by-product sodium sulfite 5000 tons of above also provides zinc ingots, cadmium ingot, indium, lead ingots and other n...

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