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        Weihai Jinde Tools Co., Ltd was established at year 2002 and located at high-tech industrial

        development district of Weihai. We are specialized in developing and manufacturing

        professional equipments and tools for oil field, geological exploration, coal mine,

        pipeline assembly and disassembly. With approval of ISO9001-2008,

        we are one of membership licensed vendors of PetroChina and Sinopec.
        The products we designed and manufactured mainly consist of ¡°Pipe Wrench with Reinforcing Bar¡±,

        ¡°Rapid Grip Wrench¡±, ¡°Aluminum Pipe Wrench¡±, ¡°Chain Pipe Wrench¡±, ¡°Ratchet Hydrant Wrench¡±

        and various kinds of adjustable wrenches. Our products are very welcomed at nationwide major oil fields,

        geological explorations and mining fields.
        In order to satisfy the market demand continuously, we are engaging to develop new products with both

        value-added and cost-effective concept. With providing qualified products and best services,

        we ensure that JINDE will be your first-class supplier.


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