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        A torque wrench screw rusted how to deal with
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        The hardware of a torque wrench is mostly screw, is basically using these screws stainless steel, do not think that stainless steel will not rust, actually otherwise, sometimes, not the screw will be rusty after long time use. Once the rust is likely to affect the use of a torque wrench, in order to ensure the normal use of a torque wrench, now we explain screw rusty processing method.

        First, knock: use your hammer edge, on corrosion of stainless steel nut, it is easy to make the nut is loose. Can use the bicycle pedal at the ends of the fixed bolt nut, but according to the thickness of the pedals, metal structure, master size tap nut. The nut between the cast iron can forcibly slightly larger, to tap the plastic. If still won't do, go along the direction of hammer knock nut, nut can be easily removed.

        Second, shock: for a rusty screw, don't be hard twist using a wrench, to prevent the six sides of sliding screw edges, twist screws or twist the bad wrench. At this time, can use a hammer shock wrench handle gently, general rusty screws can be screw under the vibration.

        Third, blunt: some contorts, stainless steel screws at the top of the corrosion can't use a wrench, cutters, discharged impact method is available. Beyond first with a hammer and a screwdriver in screw at the top of the vertical impact a v-shaped slot. Then, adjust the cone Angle and the direction of the spin out along the screw. After being loose, can use wire clamp screw screws. The character "one" or the "ten" word screw slide, also can use this method, combining with the steel wire clamp screw out screw.

        Fourth, burn: some screw embroidered erosion is very serious, with the above method is still doesn't work, can adopt the "fire". With gas welding oxidizing flame screw, nut fully barbecue, and then a little oil to burn the red screw drops. The purpose of heating screw was to make the screw heat expansion. Drip aim is to make the screw quickly when it meets cold contraction, increase of the gap between screw and nut stainless steel, after oil flowing into the nut unscrewing. But if you have any plastic components near careful with this method.

        Finally, a method is welding, removing device, wring the situation of the screw. The broken on the top of the screw, generally do not use electric drill, because it would be bad wire holes slightly careless. The better way is on the broken wires in a long iron welding welding. Does iron cross section is made up of stainless steel screw diameter.

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