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        How to use type o no damage efficient tongs
        Date[2016-5-12 7:57:30]   entering:www.fucaiw168.com   Read [1856]times

        O tongs can be applied to circular steel tube clamping operation, not only on the edge of the even regular polygon shaft can rotate pull (clamping for operation, at the same time is an odd number of edges of the regular polygon and its unique clamping tightening operation function. How do when use, no damage efficient use o tongs?

        Operation, in addition to use tongs to have access to pipe wall and finally landed outside the pipe wrench operation with both hands, the rest just one hand. Because of reduced many auxiliary repetitive, continuous operation effectively, reduce a lot of busywork. Also completed a full port screw assembly, than the commonly used pipe wrench operation to reduce the number of half, work efficiency can improve more than 3 times.

        O pipe wrench with its simple structure, convenient operation and effort, the total do efficiency higher characteristic can adapt more specifications of the steel tube operation, can be widely applied. Welcome new and old customers to buy!

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